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Yavin station

Yavin station

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Yavin Station was a space station that had been built in orbit around the gas giant of Yavin Prime. After the defeat of Exar Kun and the bombing of Exar's stronghold on Yavin 4, the station was abandoned. During the Jedi Civil War, Revan encountered Yavin Station and Suvam. Yavin Station was an orbital space station above Yavin IV. It was built by the Galactic Republic around the time of the Great Sith War and abandoned shortly after. 17 May Yavin station is available on all systems, but only as downloadable content (DLC) on Xbox. It's inhabited by Suvam Tan, a Rodian inventor and.

21 Jul For some XBox users, the initial excitement of Yavin Station might have worn off quickly because it isn't immediately apparent what treasures it. 24 Mar Yavin Station High Resolution Final About: This set brings Yavin Station up to high resolution with all textures redrawn. x and. 16 Mar I just don't get the point of the Yavin Station. I know you can buy some items and stuff there but other then that theres just nothing. It is such a.

23 Jan So, it's my understanding that Yavin Station is automatically included in this PC version of the game. I can't find it anywhere on my star map. For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Xbox, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Yavin Station". There is no way for it to not come with Yavin. Unlike the Xbox version, Yavin was not an add-on for the PC version, it was included by default. 29 Sep (3) Conjurer. Members; posts. Location:y do u want to know? huh? every1 says stuff about yavin station was dat? and how do i get there its. From: cjd92 | #There is a lawyer around here somewhere who could tell you exactly how to navigate the minefield lain down by anti-piracy.


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